"How to Biohack Your Body… So YOU Can Fall Asleep Faster and Enjoy Longer and Deeper Sleep Every Night… Wake Up Feeling Revitalized Every Morning… and Live a Happier and More Productive Life"

At Last!... YOU Can Fix Your Sleeping Problems Once and for All… These Biohacks Reset Your Body Clock… Balance Your Hormones… Calm Your Nervous System… and Much More… So YOU Can Treat the Root Cause of Your Sleeping Problems… Get a Full Night of Peaceful Rest… and Be Full of Energy Throughout the Day… or YOU Get Your Money Back!

Dear Friend and Troubled Sleeper, 

Do you feel mentally and emotionally drained? Do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning, and wonder how you’ll manage to get through the day? Then at night, despite your exhaustion, do you lay in bed with your mind wide awake? To make it worse, you may wake up almost every hour of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep. Maybe you've tried it all to fix your sleeping problems… from medications, to hypnosis, counseling, relaxation tapes, exercising hard… yet nothing has worked for you. Insomnia can ruin your life... when you can't sleep, you can't focus in class or at work. You can't remember important things, like test dates, or important appointments. If you’re young and have sleeping problems, everything may seem OK for now as it doesn’t affect your ability to function during the day.  

Don't Be Fooled!

People who have trouble sleeping find this is the normal progression and as they get older, things take a turn for the worse. Years of insufficient sleeping can wreak havoc on your body, especially as you age. It affects your cognitive functioning, weakens your immune system, and your hormones go out of whack. It can change your mood and personality, from being a fun person with a good sense of humor to someone who’s moody and angry.  

This is what happens to your hormones after one night of unrestful sleep. Dangerous hormones like cortisol increase:

While many beneficial hormones like testosterone and growth hormone (a.k.a. the youthful hormone) plummet. Hunger hormones like ghrelin go up while leptin and insulin sensitivity go down.

Poor sleep will kill you. It does not only increases all-cause mortality but also increases inflammation. This can worsen pretty much any inflammatory health issue and getting restorative sleep is essential to fixing sleep problems.

Solves the Root Causes of Your Sleeping Problems 

When you understand how sleep works and the important factors involved… you’ll know how to fix it for good. While medical doctors treat primary and secondary insomnia differently... these biohacks will show you how to solve the root causes of your sleeping difficulties rather than the symptoms. 

Your Life Will Transform 

After we reveal how you can biohack your body and fix your sleeping problems, you’ll feel like a different person. You’ll feel glorious heading into work or school after having had your energy restored by a few good nights' sleep. The thick fog around the edges of your mind will lift. You’ll be able to think clearly, stand up straight, and be part of the world again. By addressing your sleeping problems, you’re also much more likely to improve your health overall, including inflammatory conditions and mental health problems. If you actually had a good night’s sleep for once, just think of the things you could do and how much you could accomplish in a day’s time. You'd feel on top of the world. Here’s a quick run through of how we’ll help you hack your body to overcome your sleeping problems once and for all.  

Fixes Your Body Clock 

Throughout human evolution, the light of the sun told us when to go to sleep, and when to wake up. In modern times this has changed, as you now set the pace of your life. However, you can’t ignore this natural force. In the book, you’ll discover how one of the most important steps you can take for your health is to keep a healthy body clock, also known as your circadian rhythm. This means your body will naturally become tired at nighttime, so you’ll fall asleep faster, for deeper and longer, wake up every morning feeling fully awake, and ready to take on the day ahead. It also turns on your good genes, makes the cells of your body work in sync, slows down the aging process, and allows your body to repair your damaged DNA cells. This gives you many health benefits:  

  • Improves your brain function:A healthy circadian rhythm combats cognitive dysfunction, improves mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and wards of diseases like dementia.  
  • Gives you a stronger immune system: Fixing your circadian rhythm reduces pro-inflammatory substances and helps regulate your immune system. While inflammatory conditions improve, you’ll get colds and flus less often.  
  • Makes your metabolism strong and healthy: It increases your insulin and leptin sensitivity which helps you burn fat, and reduces inflammation to help protect you from cardiovascular diseases.  
  • Balances your hormones: This means you’ll have more energy, sleep better, feel great throughout the day, and have a healthier sex drive. And, you’ll start losing weight faster than ever.  

¨I am 35 years old and have been suffering from brain fog and a circadian rhythm disorder since childhood. I have seen many doctors, naturopaths and have spent thousands of dollars on various supplements over the years. After one consultation with Joe, I have learned more about how the body responds to inflammation then i have learned in the past ten years. Before anyone buys another supplement based on something they read on a message forum I urge them to speak to Joe first. His consultation will save lots of money and effort in finding relief.”  

~Josh, Lawyer  

Calms Your Body and Mind

Stress is one of the biggest causes of sleeping problems as an overactive nervous system inhibits sleep. Poor sleep also raises your stress responses the next day, so stress-induced insomnia becomes a vicious cycle. In the book, you’ll discover how to calm your nervous system to promote deeper and longer sleep by finding out the following:  

  • The important factors which reduce the release of stress hormones and help you relax 

  • What supplements, drugs, or hormones you can take to reduce stress and put your body and mind in a state conducive to sleep 

  • Why adrenal fatigue is a myth, and how to really fix tiredness  

“I’ve been a client of Joe’s for a while. Reading his blog and working with him personally has helped me find incredible changes in my health and state of mind. Like a lot of us that read this blog, we are the people that will experiment with anything to see if it helps us feel a little better in our bodies. Since working with Joe, my sleep, brain fog, sugar cravings, and stomach issues have all improved dramatically. I function so much better. I’m able to actually do and enjoy all the stuff I want to spend time on because I have the energy and focus to do so. The value that this man provides for the cost of service is absolutely incredible. I’ll be a client of his for as long as he keeps this up.”  

~Jen, Financial Analyst  

How to Fix Your Brain Chemicals for Better Sleep

Research is constantly showing the vital role brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, play in the sleep-wake cycle. When certain neurotransmitters are too high or too low, your sleeping and energy levels will be chaotic. Discover how to restore your brain health and optimize your sleep by finding out the following:  

  • How to deal with inflammatory conditions and mental health issues like severe stress so you can sleep better  
  • How to fix an overactivation of the amygdala and/or inflammation of the limbic system which can cause insomnia

  • How to decrease your cortisol levels so you can overcome depression and feel great to be alive  
  • How to protect yourself from fatigue, and future inflammatory or autoimmune diseases caused by prolonged stress  
  • Why, if you suffer from PTSD, treating your sleep disorder can help decrease the severity of your symptoms  
  • How to lower your levels of inflammation and oxidative stress so you’ve greater autoimmunity and protection from future health problems  
  • How to stop intestinal permeability and lower, or even get rid of, your digestive problems, autoimmunity, and inflammatory flare-ups  
  • 4 advanced hacks for tough cases of insomnia in case your sleep problems are more difficult to solve

“Joe helped me to resolve my chronic insomnia after years of trying exercise, restricted diets, affirmations, Lumosity, and a homeopath. The secret was a balanced combination of nutrients, lifestyle changes, and meditation that Joseph Cohen knew because he had been down the same road. He knows what works and what doesn’t. If my best friend was suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue, or brain fog I would recommend Joseph Cohen.”  


Eat to Sleep

What you eat affects your sleep. Find out the different ways diet prevents you from sleeping well, and what foods you need to avoid so you can sleep better. 

You’ll also learn about:

  • What test to use to determine the foods which can cause you inflammation and disrupt your sleeping  
  • An elimination-provocation diet template to identify your food allergies and sensitivities, plus a list of foods to include or exclude so you can eat foods to promote restful sleep  
  • 3 substances in foods and supplements which you must avoid if you want to fall asleep faster  
  • Why poor sleep can be caused by poor blood sugar control and how to fix it  
  • 7 nutrient deficiencies which contribute to insomnia and how to correct them to optimize your sleep 

“The diet and lifestyle changes Joe suggested took effort and adjustment for me to comply with 100%, but it was well worth it: I feel like a new man!” 

~Brett Andrew

Live Right for Your Genetic Type

Though your sleep problems may be caused by factors like your circadian rhythm entrainment, eating habits, and weight gain, your genetics can also play a big role. This means, unless you understand your genetic type, despite your best efforts, you may never wake up feeling rested, you’ll constantly feel stressed, and you might really struggle to lose weight for no apparent reason. Genetic information is a powerful tool, which, together with diet, environment, and lifestyle optimizes your sleep and your mental and physical performance during the day. In the book you’ll find out:  

  • How low-quality sleep, or other forms of sleep disorders might be caused by an incompatibility between your lifestyle and your genetic makeup  
  • What type of environment and lifestyle would be a good fit for your genetic makeup  
  • How much sleep you really need by finding out how your genes dictate your sleep length and needs

"Joe showed me exactly how to hack my sleep…it was the synergistic effect of putting everything together that allowed me to sleep again, including being a “blue light nazi” as Joe says. Now when I go to bed I’m able to catch my sleep wave and ride it through the night until morning. All my other treatments started to work when I was able to sleep again. Joe is one of the very few people I listen to when it comes to health. I can’t thank him enough!"  

~Dana Howell

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Now It’s Your Turn

Stop letting your sleeping problems lower the quality of your life. Now is the time to take back control. You’ll feel amazing waking up each day after getting a full night’s rest.  

And the great thing is, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Try the book for 30 days, and in the unlikely case it doesn’t work for you, you can get all your money back. I’m more than happy to to make this guarantee to you because I’ve helped thousands of people fix their sleep problems for once and for all.  

And after you read this book and implement the hacks, I’m confident I’ll have fixed yours too.  

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Joe Cohen  

P.S. This book will transform your life by helping you fall asleep faster, for deeper and longer every night… guaranteed.  

This means you can: 

  • Wake up each morning bursting with energy and feeling like you can take on the world  
  • Have more productive days as you’ll focus on your goals and get things done like never before  
  • Give your body the best internal state for healing, fighting inflammation, and warding off disease  

P.P.S. As well as the main hacks in the book you’ll also get:  

  • 26 sleep hacks we’ve tried and tested, and how they can help you  
  • A 7-day diet-sleep-exercise-supplement log so you can check what’s working for you and, if needed, make changes  
  • An overview of sleep disorders and the recommended treatments and advice to solve them

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